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MLB Will Not Require Fans to Provide Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Vaccine

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MLB Will Not Require Fans to Provide Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Vaccine. Major League Baseball does not plan to mandate league-wide COVID-19 requirements for fans entering stadiums during its next regular season. . The league outlined its decision in a memo sent to teams on Monday, as reported by the ‘Los Angeles Times.’ . The memo was reportedly intended to help teams “safely welcome fans back to the ballparks in 2021.”. The league explained its decision to not mandate proof of COVID-19 testing, saying it was “not practical” with current testing options. . Mass testing of this kind is not practical with the existing rapid testing options, and testing is of limited utility when done days in advance of an event, MLB, via ‘Los Angeles Times’. They noted that their decision could change if “any major advancement in testing technology” occurs. . MLB said teams should consult legal counsel before requiring any sort of vaccine requirement, as there is “uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution.”. In addition, individual teams will be able to decide whether they want to enforce policies and standards such as proof of vaccination, proof of a negative test or temperature checks. . State and local authorities could decide to mandate more restrictive standards, which they anticipate will include “pod” seating requirements. . “Pod” seating would see tickets being sold in a group, with at least six feet between groups. . If authorities don’t require distanced seating, MLB said they would work to ensure some type of proper socially-distanced seating is put in place. MLB will require fans to wear face-masks at all times, except while eating and drinking in their seats. . They also intend to enforce socially-distanced lines, provide hand-sanitizing stations and establish a six-foot buffer zone between fans and the playing field