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A Trump Vote Might Make More Sense This Time

Newser — Bob Cronin

Danielle Pletka doesn't sugarcoat what she sees as President Trump's shortcomings: "his odious tweets, his chronic mendacity and general crudeness"; his "erratic, personality-driven decision-making"; his "contempt for NATO"; his encouragement of "execrable gun-toting racists." And many more.

But in an oped piece in the Washington Post, the senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute writes that though she didn't even think about voting for Trump in 2016, she might well cast her ballot for him in 2020.

Many things about the president worry her, Pletka concedes. "But I fear the leftward lurch of the Democratic Party even more," she writes.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the party's nominee, could turn out to be a figurehead "who would run a teleprompter presidency with the words drafted by his party's hard-left ideologues," Pletka writes.

A Biden victory probably would mean Democrats in control of the House and Senate, she says, which could speed what she sees as harmful trends. "I fear the grip of Manhattan-San Francisco progressive mores that increasingly permeate my daily newspapers, my children’s curriculums and my local government," Pletka writes, and "the virtue-signaling bullies who increasingly try to dominate or silence public discourse—and encourage my children to think that their being White is intrinsically evil, that America’s founding is akin to original sin." A flawed Trump, she says, might be a better bet.

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