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9 Weirdest Words for Pot, Courtesy of Canadian Gov't

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Justin Trudeau has vowed to legalize marijuana across Canada by this July. CNN reported in December that there's one legislative obstacle left, and it explains that if the bill is indeed made law, the time to market should be much more rapid than in the US, as the country already has the infrastructure in place: Canadians approved for medical marijuana can already purchase it via "government-supported" sites online and have it delivered to them.

With access likely set to become broader, BuzzFeed flags a government guide to marijuana that explains a lot of the basics about what it is and how it's used.

Less expectedly, it offers a list of slang terms for pot that raised BuzzFeed's eyebrow. It has dubbed it the "most useful and mockable part" of the page.

Nine standouts:

  1. errl
  2. purp
  3. trees
  4. boom
  5. shatter
  6. budder
  7. gangster
  8. dank
  9. dank krippy
Read the full list here, or read about US parents who just sued a school regarding their 11-year-old's medical pot use.

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