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Trump Sets New Record for Presidential Tweets

Newser — Rob Quinn

President Trump has once again broken one of his own records for most tweets from an president. According to Factbase, the president tweeted a total of 142 times on Wednesday, firing off most of them as he traveled back to the US from Davos, Switzerland, the AP reports.

He broke his previous record of 123 tweets in a day, which he set on Dec. 12, breaking the record of 105 tweets he had set four days earlier.

Most of the tweets were retweets of commentary on his impeachment trial, though he also hailed some of his achievements as president and commented on the 2020 election, saying it is "rigged" against "Crazy Bernie Sanders," the Guardian reports.

But Trump fell short of breaking the record for most tweets from Donald Trump in a day. In January 2015, months before he launched his campaign, he tweeted 161 times in the space of 24 hours.

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