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Truck's Tailpipe Was Big, but Not Big Enough for Her Head

Newser — Arden Dier

If Dierks Bentley's next country ditty is about getting one's head stuck in a tailpipe, you'll know where he took inspiration. At the Winstock Country Music Festival Bentley headlined in Winsted, Minn., over the weekend, a young woman needed assistance dislodging her head from a truck tailpipe in what WCMH labels an "exhaust-ing ordeal." A 5-second clip uploaded to Facebook Saturday, viewed 2.7 million times, shows a firefighter working to free the woman, who'd inserted and removed her head from the tailpipe earlier in the day without issue, per KARE.

The woman was eventually extracted with use of a power saw and removed from the premises following a citation for underage drinking, authorities say. She apparently wasn't too embarrassed, later reportedly posting a photo to Facebook showing her holding the sliced tailpipe, reports the Modesto Bee.

"Yeah I'm the tail pipe girl, whatchu know about it? #winstock2k18kickedmyass," the caption reportedly read.

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