FDA Announces Possible Breakthrough In The Fight…

A new coronavirus test could be coming to urgent care clinics soon, and experts say it could be "game-changing."

Scaly Creature Implicated In Coronavirus Spread

One mammal is suddenly getting a lot of attention as scientists around the world try to figure out how the coronavirus jumped to humans.

Shocking Video Spells Bad News For Amazon

Is spitting a criminal act? It could be for an Amazon delivery worker who was caught spitting on a package amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Troubling News Comes Out Of China Amid COVID-19…

A number of patients in Wuhan have tested positive for the coronavirus after originally testing negative. This raises a few possibilities.

Is It Safe To Wear Contact Lenses During The…

Experts weigh in on whether contact lenses put you at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

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Here's How Big Your Coronavirus Check Will Be

The Senate on Wednesday passed the biggest economic relief bill in US history.

Coronavirus Makes Big Change In Trump's Approval…

The president's handling of coronavirus crisis has resulted in a major change in the polls.

Startling Visualization Of How Spring Breakers…

This map shows the true potential impact of this year's spring breakers ignoring social distancing.

Coronavirus Terms You Need To Become Familiar With

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the globe, you'll need to be familiar with the terms to stay on top of the latest life-saving information.

Is It Safe To Travel During The Coronavirus…

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, doctors have emphasized staying at home to stop the spread.

Online Toilet Paper Roll Calculator Launches

This new calculator will tell you how long your toilet paper supply will last amid the coronavirus pandemic.

McDonald's Makes Major Announcement Amid…

The iconic fast food chain announced big changes, including the removal of many popular menu items.

Citing Virus, EPA Has Stopped Enforcing…

The Trump administration says it will forgo a sweeping range of public health and environmental enforcement.

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What Does A 'Safer At Home' Order Mean?

Here's what you can and cannot do if your county has been issued a 'safer at home' order.

Staggering Unemployment Numbers Revealed In The US

The US Department of Labor announced the new figures as economic devastation from the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold.

Doctors Sound The Alarm On New Coronavirus…

Most people are aware of the primary symptoms of COVID-19, but some are being under-reported.

Why Are Shirt Sales Skyrocketing During The…

Walmart reports a huge spike in shirt sales, but notes that purchases of pants, skirts, and shorts have not similarly increased.

Toilet-Licking Coronavirus Challenge Doesn't End…

The viral toilet-licking challenge sparked by the coronavirus pandemic seemed like a bad idea. Turns out, it was.

How To Safely Spend Time Outside During The…

As people are trying to effectively practice social distancing, many are wondering which activities are safe to carry on outside.

How Long Does Coronavirus Live on Clothes?

We know all about hand washing, but what about our clothes?

Social Distancing May Reduce COVID-19 Spread By…

A new study shows that social distancing may be the most effective way to reduce spread of COVID-19.The study published in The Lancet found that combining types of physical distancing reduced the spread by as much as 99.3%.Quarantining infected people and their families, closing schools and businesses and social distancing were most effective.Because little is known about the transmissibility of COVID-19, researchers used data from the 2004-05 SARS outbreak.

Tips to Avoid Stress Eating While Stuck at Home

While many of us remain isolated at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits.

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Working From Home? Here's How To Beef Up Your…

If you happen to be working from home and still drawing a regular paycheck, count your blessings.

IndyCar goes iRacing as latest series to offer…

IndyCar debuted its iRacing league with a virtual race won by Sage Karam