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6 Mild COVID-19 Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can range from very mild to severe. Here are potential symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Longtime Film Actor Dies Of Coronavirus

A former co-star confirmed the actor's death on social media.

Autopsy: Therapist's Wife, Kids Died From…

The wife and three children died from overdoses of Benadryl, but investigators suspect much more.

Court Drops Rape Charges Against Megachurch Leader

An appeals court ordered the dismissal of a criminal case Tuesday for charges of child rape and human trafficking.

Toddler Survives COVID-19 After 106 Fever

Amanda May and Ryan Schreiber were in shock when the thermometer's bright red screen read 106.5 degrees.

Sanders drops 2020 bid, leaving Biden as likely…

Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment lined swiftly up behind rival Joe Biden, has ended his presidential bid

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Watch Zookeeper's Hilarious Interaction With Baby…

Watch a zookeeper's interaction with a baby hippo.

Can Your Pet Contract COVID-19?

After a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, many have wondered if family pets could pick up the virus.

6 Books Recommended by the 2020 Quarantine Book…

6 Books Recommended by the 2020 Quarantine Book Club After realizing how many book events would be canceled due to shelter-in-place orders, Texas author and librarian Pamela Skjolsvik founded the 2020 Quarantine Book Club on March 15. "They are books by, or about, women facing monumental challenges, which is kind of like all of us right now," Skjolsvik said. These are some of her picks. 1. 'The Yellow Bird Sings,' by Jennifer Rosner 2. 'Wildland,' by Rebecca Hodge 3. 'You and Me and Us,' by Alison Hammer 4. 'Kept Animals,' by Kate Milliken 5. 'No Bad Deed,' by Heather Chavez 6. 'The Big Finish,' by Brooke Fossey

Zoom Hid Security Flaws: Shareholder

Shares in videoconferencing app Zoom hit record highs at the end of last month as COVID-19 forced people to work and socialize from home. Then came the drop, coinciding with concerns about " zoombombing " and other security and privacy issues. Another drop in stock price came Tuesday, with shares closing at...

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Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of The Race For President

Sen. Bernie Sanders' decision to end his presidential campaign is a marked departure from 2016, when he never officially conceded to Hillary Clinton.

Daily dose of sunshine: How PTSD and coronavirus…

AccuWeather speaks with Dr. Erik Fisher, also known as "Dr. E," to talk about how many of those in quarantine are facing PTSD-like symptoms.

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Murder Death Koreatown

Trailer for 'Murder Death Koreatown'

Amazon Pulls Plug on Amazon Shipping

Because of the coronavirus, Amazon is dealing with so many delivery orders right now that it just decided to rob its own Peter to pay Paul. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that, starting in June, the e-commerce giant will halt Amazon Shipping, a fledgling service available in just a...

UK truck driver pleads guilty in deaths of 39 Vietnamese

A truck driver accused in the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants whose bodies were found inside a refrigerated container in England has pleaded guilty to manslaughter

Here's Why People Didn't Smile In Old Photographs

Here's why people didn't smile in old photographs.

Domino's Is Donating 10 Million Slices of Pizza…

Domino's Is Donating 10 Million Slices of Pizza Across the US The pizza chain recently announced its plan to feed Americans in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. Domino's, via press release Domino's, via press release All 6,126 Domino's locations across the country are expected to chip in. Domino's, via press release Domino's, via press release Domino's, via press release

A 'Tentative Climb' at the Open for the Dow

Dr. Anthony Fauci offered words of encouragement on Wednesday, and the markets took notice. CNBC reports the Dow opened up 300 points, or 1.4% and just below 23,000, after Fauci indicated a coronavirus turnaround could come into play next week. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both rose 1....

Corona stats for North Dakota | WIDE | Wed, Apr 8…


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Trump Criticizes World Health Organization Over…

During a press conference, President Trump accused WHO of downplaying the virus and not reacting quickly enough when the outbreak began to escalate.

Storm continues its journey across Southwest

The wet weather will persist into Thursday as the storm moves east across parts of Arizona, Nevada and Utah.